Wiring Depot offers a wide selection of mid-line tap connectors and twist "wire nut" connectors.

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Quick Splice Connectors
JT&T Products

JT&T's Mid-Line Tap Connector with wire stop provides instant connection. Tap connector is color-coded for wire size and identification. JT&T Products offers Tap Connectors with or without wire stop and T-Tap Connectors.

Premium Vinyl Twist Connectors
JT&T Products

JT&T's Premium Soft Vinyl Twist Connector is capable of connecting two or more wires together in a pigtail application.  The connector is constructed of an active spring and a steel shell covered by a vinyl insulator. The spring has a corrosion resistant coating. The connector has a maximum operating temperature of 105°C (221°F). Voltage Rating: 600Volts maximum for bundling wire & 1,000Volts maximum in signs, fixtures & luminaries.Tan/Yellow - Max 3 x 12AWG, Min 2 x 22 AWGRed/Yellow...

Twist Connectors
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Standards twist connectors are used to join two or more wires. Also known as wire nuts. Gray - Max 2 x 16AWG, Min 1 x 20AWG + 1 22AWG Blue - Max 3 x 16AWG, Min 2 x 22AWG Orange - Max 3 x 16AWG + 1 x 18AWG, Min 3 x 22AWG Yellow - Max 2 x 14AWG + 3 x 16 AWG, Min 1 x 14AWG + 1 x 18AWG Red - 3 x 10AWG, Min 1 x 12AWG + 2 x 18AWG

Push-On T-Tap Splice CONNECTORS
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Midline splice connector. Allows connection of Male push on connector (sold separately).Red connects with PN # 2115Blue connects with PN # 2117Yellow connects with PN # 2119

Insulation Displacement Telecom Connectors Sealant Filled
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Insulation displacement telecom connectors - Sealant FilledYellow - 22-26 AWG, 2 wire (UY)Green - 19-26 AWG, 2 wire (UG)Red - 19-26 AWG, 3 wire (UR)

Nylon Insulated Closed-End Wire Connectors
JT&T Products Item #: 1216C-ZZZ -

⚠ WARNING: Cancer and reproductive harm - www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Dolphin Closed End Connectors - Sealed or Unsealed Dolphin Closed End Connectors - Sealed or Unsealed
JT&T Products Item #: 20510zz -

Dolphin Super B Strip-Free Crimp Terminals Blue - SealedWhite - UnsealedDolphin Super B Connectors provide the industry’s most reliable connection with their unique design and tine structure. They reduce costs, won’t corrode and no stripping is required. They also allow for connection testing without stripping wires for faster installations with less clean-up time. Accepts 16-24 gauge wires. Works with standard crimp tool. 4-Wire Capacity:: #24 AWG, #22 AWG (insulated). 3-Wire Capacity::...