“I don’t need all those items”

“My customers don’t buy that”

“I’ll just get the few things that I know sell”

We hear these comments frequently when retailers consider our freestanding Wiring Accessories displays. These displays contain a broad selection of over 400 wiring products including switches, fuses, heat shrink, terminals, tools, testers, wire ties, conduit, and wire. We understand it can seem like a bit much when you’ve only been carrying a couple dozen items in the category.

Here’s the thing though. . .

Every retailer that tries one of the displays quickly changes their opinion. They see customers buying items that the retailer didn’t know the customer was buying. They experience increased sales and margins in the category. They realize their customers DO buy that – and had previously been buying it from someone else. Best of all, their customers come to think of them as more of a one-stop shop for all their needs.

Will every item on our display turnover multiple times a month? No, but it all sells. The slower moving products were put there for specific reasons. These contribute to the display being a complete solution. Those items that don’t move quickly are the ones that your customer REALLY needs for that one specific project, and you are their hero for stocking it. Offering a complete category of items builds customer loyalty and increases average sale size.

What we hear a year or so after adding a display is:

“Wow, everything on the display sells!”

“My customers ARE buying that and I had no idea!”

“I’m seeing more profit and higher margins in wiring accessories!”

JT&T Products offers several variations of displays. We currently have models customized for the Automotive, RV, Farm & Fleet, and HVAC industries. Our displays come with preloaded panels of product. Set up is quick and easy – usually about 20 minutes. The displays feature reorder tags on every hook, and with our 98% fulfillment rate, you don’t have to worry about keeping it stocked.

Use a gondola rack system and don’t have space for a freestanding spinner? Since wiring products is all we do, we have past sales data and years of experience. These tools will allow us to guide you to the best product mix possible.

Give us a call today so we can discuss your specific needs.