As an O.E.M. supplier, our commitment is to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your manufacturing processes. We realize that O.E.M.’s demand consistency, reliability and quality from their vendors, and we take this challenge seriously. You can count on JT&T Products to have the wiring products you need, when you need it.

Our O.E.M. Supplier Program emphasizes:

1. Quality – Others focus solely on price point and margin, often resulting in the customer getting poor quality products. We offer only top quality parts that meet or exceed industry spec. Certificates of compliance are available for our products as required

2. Reliable Inventory – JT&T Products has a 98% fulfillment rate. Achieving that has been accomplished through significant investments in facilities and inventory, but it is worth it to have the parts you need, every time.

3. Selection – We did not just pick the most popular items and leave you the hassle of finding those more specific parts elsewhere. This is all we do, and we are committed to being a total solution. We have over 4000 different wiring products available. Our deep selection allows you to reduce the number vendors required to complete projects.

4. Bulk pricing – We can offer substantial discounts on bulk orders that do not need retail packaging. Please contact us for a custom quote.

5. Custom products / packaging – many of our products can be pre-packaged in the quantity or length you need, thereby eliminating extra steps or processes on your end. We can also customize packaging to fit with your requirements. Pre-assembly may also be available. Please contact us with your specific needs.

Call us today and find out how we can increase your manufacturing efficiency!