Our goal is to be a resource to assist you in creating happy, satisfied customers. Here are five specific ways JT&T Products accomplishes that:

Professional Grade Products:

We seek out the best manufacturers for every item we sell. Choosing the best sometimes means there is a cheaper option available. However we understand how frustrating it can be when you have to re-do a project because a part failed prematurely. We offer the parts that allow you to “do it once, do it right”. You can be assured that by offering JT&T Products you are providing your customers the highest quality wiring accessories possible.

We are proud to offer many products that are made in the USA. We understand that many of our customers equate US made with quality. Although we love to support domestic businesses, sometimes the best product is produced overseas. We always choose the BEST value for our customers – this means our products are a mixture of US and overseas production.

Customer Care:

At JT&T Products we do more than pay lip service to customer service. Since wiring products are all we offer, we actually KNOW our line and can assist you in making product selections. We accept orders via phone, fax, email or EDI – whatever is most convenient for you. Our customer care staff is always available to assist you in placing orders or to help you satisfy your customers. Should you experience a problem of any kind, our team delights in the opportunity to work with you to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.


Nothing frustrates a customer more than seeing an empty shelf.

98% fulfillment rate. We guarantee that. Typically it is near 100%. We commit to have our products in stock when you need them. That means less time you are out of stock of critical items. You can carry JT&T products with confidence knowing they will be there to make your customers happy. Research shows that, in this category, product availability is the top priority for retailers and customers.

In the rare occurrence something isn’t available, you’ll quickly get a call with options including alternative items and estimated arrival dates.


JT&T is a one stop shop for wire and wiring accessories. We pride ourselves on offering a complete selection – not just the bestselling ones. Our willingness to commit resources and warehouse space to those items that aren’t the fastest movers, is one of the things that sets us apart. We have over 4000 items available. In fact, many of our customers started doing business with us after searching for a more hard to find item that their current supplier didn’t offer.

When you carry JT&T Products, you have access to all the wiring products your customers might request. We don’t pick and choose a few top selling items and claim to have your needs covered.


JT&T Products offers a variety of displays. We currently have models customized for the Automotive, RV, Farm & Fleet, and HVAC industries. Our displays ship to you with preloaded panels of product. Set up is quick and easy – usually about 20 minutes. The displays feature reorder tags on every hook, and with our 98% fulfillment rate, you don’t have to worry about keeping it stocked.

JT&T’s attractive packaging adds value to your product selection. Most items are in re-sealable clamshells so customers can closely examine and handle the product before purchase. This has proven to increase sales and reduce returns. Our concise, clean labels clearly provide relevant product information and create a consistent look on your sales floor.