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Aluminized Fiberglass Sleeving (Tubing)
JT&T Products

• Aluminum laminated fiberglass sleeving creates a heat resistant buffer between high temperature environments & the wires, hoses & cables that run through them. • Sleeving has been laboratory tested to temperatures up to 648°C (1,200°F) without burning, delaminating or any other degrading effects. • Resistant against abrasion, gasoline, chemicals & deflects radiant heat. • Cuts easily with regular scissors. • Wall Thickness: 0.025” (+/- 0.006”) •Halogen Free.  ...

Black Silicone Coated Fiberglass Sleeving OR Fire Flex.
JT&T Products Item #: 4215F -

Key Points: Made to withstand heat in sensitive areas up to 260°C (500°F) and short term fire exposure up to 537°C (1,000°F). Also called Fire Flex, this sleeving is densely braided from fiberglass yarns & coated with silicone, which makes a fire resistant shield. Silicone jacketed fiberglass sleeving is the choice of professionals in racing & other industries where protection from constant hight temperatures is mandatory. Used on fuel & hydraulic lines, exhaust pipes, coolant hoses to...

Black Braided Fiberglass Sleeving
JT&T Products Item #: 4221F -

Key Points: Hi-Temp Resin Saturated Fiberglass sleeve protects delicate components from temperatures up to 648°C (1,200°F). Also called insultherm, this sleeving is densely braided from fiberglass yarns & saturated with high temperature resins. Is tough & durable, maintaining its tight structure under extreme vibration, mechanical stress & temperature variations. Will not melt, burn or support combustion under normal conditions & will remain flexible...

Thermashield T6 High Temp Wrap Thermashield T6 High Temp Wrap
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ThermashieldT6 is designed for ease of installation when component disassembly isn’t practical. Just wrap the pre-formed, split flexible tube around any component and seal the sides with the high temperature adhesive strip to provide protection from hot pipes and engine components. The highly reflective aluminized exterior, combined with the insulating fiberglass interior, protects delicate wire bundles, cables and lines from damage caused by nearby exhaust pipes, headers or other heat...