Item # Description/Size
Modular Switch Panels 2 Position (2 'end' pieces) Hole size .83" x 1.46" (22x38mm)
Modular Switch Panel, 4 Position (Two 'ends' and two 'middles') Hole size .83" x 1.46" (22x38mm)

Modular rocker switch panel mounts. Fits  .83x1.46" (22mmX38mm) switches. Each piece can be separated from the others, allowing you to customize to your needs. 

Comes in 'End' and 'Middle' sections. The two slot panel kit includes two 'End' sections and the 4 panel has two 'ends' and two 'middle' sections.

Need three switches? Get the 4 position and remove one of the middle sections and re-assemble. Need 5? Order multiples of the 4 position and put it together.