3A through 30A ATC/ATO Fuse kit with Tester.

Kit Includes:

3A x 20

5A x 20

7.5A x 20

10A x 20

15A x 20

25A x 20

30Ax 20

Power tap adapters x 20

16-14 AWG Female disconnect terminals x 20

#2529H 30A Fuse Holders x 2

Fuse puller / tester tool

12 compartment plastic organizer box

ATC/ATO Fuse is a fast-acting blade fuse, standard for vehicle circuit protection. Developed for the automotive industry, the ATC/ATO fuse has become the original equipment circuit protection standard for foreign and domestic automobiles and trucks. Readily identifiable and easily replaced, this fuse can be specified for a variety of low voltage electronic applications. Plastic housing is color-coded for easy identification of fuse ratings. Temperature rating of 105C (221F). Voltage rating of 32V. JT&T Products offers a complete selection of fuses, including Smart Glow!