Item # Description/Size
GBC Bakelite Fuse, 5A, Yellow, Qty 2
GBC Bakelite Fuse, 8A, White, Qty 2
GBC Bakelite Fuse, 16A, Red, Qty 2
German Vehicle Fuse Kit, 5/8A x 2, 16/20A x 1, 6 total
JT&T Products; GBC Ceramic Fuses have the advantage of a higher breaking capacity than glass, facilitating their use in circuits with higher current and voltage. The high breaking capacity helps to protect the surrounding circuit from molten material. Consisting of a heat resistant body, the fuse element stretches over the exterior of the body from end to end. The body varies in color to assist in proper replacement. These bosch type fuses (also known as torpedo type fuses) are used in older automobiles (often European). The physical dimension of the GBC fuse is 6 millimeters in width by 25 millimeters in length with conical ends. Voltage rating is 32 volts.